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Week 17 - Wrapping Up

I earned my undergraduate and masters degrees in business in the early 90's. My marketing classes focused on archaic tools such as direct mail, catalogs, and comment cards. The goal was to market "to" people. This class has completely changed my view of social media has impacted business' ability to reach markets and the resulting shift to an interactive environment with two way communication.

This class gave me not only the technical knowledge to be able to create a variety of social media accounts, but also the insight to get the greatest value from each platform. For example, with Facebook, I learned about the different analytical tools and data that Facebook provides. I also learned about helpful hints such as "business likes."

On the surface, social media appears to be an "easy" marketing tool. However, I learned in this class that effective social media marketing requires the manpower to make consistent posts with consistent messages, and th…

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